If You Know Me Personally

First of all, hi there! I don’t know if I haven’t talk to since elementary school or if we talked on the phone last night, but regardless this page is for you!

When I started blogging back in August of 2019, I honestly didn’t know if anyone would read my writing. Well turns out a lot of people have enjoyed reading about my life with HSAM! As of today (October, 26th, 2019) my blog has been visited by 600 unique individuals from over 60 countries worldwide with a total of almost 2,000 views! So with that said we have some things to talk about:


With my style of writing giving everyone a pseudonym is hard. When I write, experiences just pop into my head and I start telling my narrative, and honestly if you ever knew me you will probably be mentioned in a story at some point. But the key word here is this is my narrative. Maybe you don’t remember things being the way I experienced them, but guess what? This isn’t your story, it’s mine.

That also being said this is my story, meaning I’m not here to tell your story. If you’ve told me some personal stuff in the past it won’t be mentioned without (1) being relevant to the narrative, (2) your consent, and (3) a pseudonym. I’m not here to put words in your mouth or describe your perspective on things of what I think you “probably” were thinking. That’s not fair, and I know that. Your story isn’t mine to tell. Therefore, I won’t tell it.

There are a lot of you who already have pseudonyms. And it is important to note I will not be using any last names besides for family members. Those of you who don’t have a pseudonym are either a close friend who I know would like a shoutout or you’re someone I frankly didn’t think needed one.

But here’s the deal: if you read this blog, and I use your real name and you’re not okay with it- tell me. You have full permission to drop into my Facebook or Insta DM’s even if we haven’t talked in five years. You can write me an email using the contact box below and tell me to scrap your name.

And here’s another part of the deal: you don’t owe me an explanation. I don’t know if you’re a high profile professional who can’t afford to be named in someone’s leisurely writing or if the FBI is after you. Maybe we both know we aren’t on the best terms, so then frankly I don’t need a rehash of our story in my Gmail inbox (HSAM, remember?). But regardless of your situation, I want to respect you and your privacy.

So if you’re thinking “alright I need to message Markie right now” hold off a minute because you may already have a pseudonym if you fall under the following categories:

I Haven’t Talked to You Since High School or Early College

Hey there De Pere Redbirds and other Wisconsinites! If I haven’t talked to you since 2014, you automatically get a pseudonym. I don’t know your life, and I want to respect the fact that I don’t. Hope all is well!

If I Met You in Auburn

War Eagle Y’all! I haven’t known most of you for even two years so it’s very unlikely you will be mentioned on this blog because it’s about HSAM, so it’s about my past not my current day to day in the loveliest village on the plains. If I do happen to mention you, it’s only to give a little current context to a past story. And since I’ll probably see you at work tomorrow or at Kroger, you automatically get a pseudonym.

If You Are/Have Been One Of My Students

Hey Hoosiers and Tigers! I’m going to respect your privacy so much that (a) I’m going to purposely not mention any of you or (b) if I do in a rare case you will be referred to as “one of my students”. No name just that descriptor. Hope you all are well!

If I Dated You

What’s up my ex’s? Hope all is well! Listen, I’m going to be really honest here, if we had a relationship you’re going to be mentioned somewhere on this blog. You were a big part of my life at one point, how could you not be? Regardless of which ex you are, I know we have all moved on. I want to respect your privacy and new relationships, so you already have a pseudonym.


I usually post one picture per article, usually with a funny memory. If you see your picture and you don’t want it on this blog, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will replace it with another photo ASAP.

*Also I know some of us have dealt with body image issues, and I respect your experience. If you see a picture of yourself that you don’t like or is triggering in some way, let me know and I will take it down. If you want me to, with your help, I am happy to find a picture that makes you feel comfortable and confident!

Personal Details

If I already gave you a pseudonym, but shared a self-identifying detail of your’s it was probably on accident. So please do not hesitate to contact me, and I will happily remove any identifiers.

Thank You!

In closing, thank you for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it! Writing has always been a big dream of mine. And moreover, thank you for creating memories with me that are worth sharing. Whether we went to middle school together or you’re an old co-worker, I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!


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